Fiji – the way the world should be

  Its been eons since I last blogged about the magical and mystical Fiji on my facebook notes and this my first bit on Fiji on wordpress. While I’m packing for Fiji and Sydney, a few of the Emirati families I know are returning from Fiji after 18 days in paradise. When I hear them talk about the exoticness and uniqueness of the Coral Coast where I was born, the Blue Lagoon Cruises and the fact they keep going back, I realise that I’ve only been to a fraction of the 332 islands that make up our nation. As a … Continue reading Fiji – the way the world should be

Its all about Al Ain

Its been years since I’ve actually spent a night in Al Ain despite the Emirate having possibly the most Fijians – I’m told Fiji has the most competent and caring nurses in the world and Al Ain now looks to Fiji to get more fascinating Fijians into the Emirate. Which is a good thing since we are an endangered species in some ways with so few of us being around so having more Fijians in the UAE can only be awesome. Anyway, Al Ain has always held a fascination for me and every year I tell myself to go to … Continue reading Its all about Al Ain

The Forts of Liwa

My recent clear out meant finding a gem of lost information in my library of thousands of books, tapes, articles etc. One such bit included information on Liwa’s historic buildings which has of recent attracted a lot of interest amongst architecture specialists. Now I’m a great fan of the Architecture Heritage society and in particular of Rashad Bukhash & Peter Jackson and their work with traditional buildings in the UAE. However it pains me that I often end up missing out on the society’s talks and excursions due to work and personal commitments. This does not stop me from doing … Continue reading The Forts of Liwa