Healing Juices….make it a habit

One of the healthiest things I started 2 years ago inspired by a book and my hydrotherapist was starting my mornings with juicing. Armed with a juicer and an encyclopedia on juicing, I also encouraged my near and dear friends to follow suit and now its great to see them wake up every morning and juice the life out of various fruits and vegetables. Its a legacy I’m leaving my closest friends and family so that even if they are far from me or travelling, I shall always be on their mind as the one who inspired them to take … Continue reading Healing Juices….make it a habit

Artesian Water takes top position

A bizarre phone call from a middle aged woman left me smiling today asking what makes FIJI water one of the purest form of water on the planet (I’m getting close to 40 soon so I guess that would make me middle aged too although I like to think 40 is the new 20 and I’m just about to start my life with gusto). Anyway, it was to ask if FIJI water really did keep you looking young and what was the big deal about artesian waters and the obsession by Hollywood stars to bee seen with one. Now I … Continue reading Artesian Water takes top position

Royal Jet and their challenging Medical Evacuation Mission

Although I generally don’t like talking about brands that clash with the business interests of our group members, this week I found myself questioning and going against that as I was reading about Royal Jet’s Medevac unit successfully completing a highly complicated medical evacuation mission as it flew 31 Chinese workers injured in explosions in the Republic of Congo to China – I thought that was very commendable and worth a mention. Frankly speaking, I always saw Royal Jet as an international luxury flight services company more on the premium side without knowing that they also have a medical team. … Continue reading Royal Jet and their challenging Medical Evacuation Mission

Innovative concept from Gulf Craft for outdoor entertaining space

The dynamic guys at Gulf Craft Inc., the largest manufacturer of luxury yachts and fiberglass boats in the Middle East and Asia last Saturday showed VVIPs at its shipyard’s the largest ever hull construction – the Majesty 135. I already wrote about the awesome 30th anniversary gala celebration we attended at Gulf Craft’s yacht manufacturing facility in the UAE … These guys know what they are doing and are the nicest, warmest people you will ever meet so its always a pleasure being with them. The Majesty 105 is the latest in a series of revolutionary concepts created by Gulf … Continue reading Innovative concept from Gulf Craft for outdoor entertaining space

Xperia S and Armani moment

On my way home from office today I was tempted by Rhazi to check out the new Xperia S smartphone at Armani Hotel, Burj Khalifa. This was his way of convincing the gadget diva why I didn’t need to carry an iphone, a blackberry, an ipad, a MacBook Air +++ in my bag at all times. Naturally I am not one to ignore checking out new stuff and Armani is one of my favourite venues. So while rushing to make it to my bellydancing class, I went to play with Sony’s new toy. (Man that sounds dodgy – I’m glad … Continue reading Xperia S and Armani moment

The awesomeness of Yas Marina

Whenever I venture towards Yas Island Abu Dhabi, people automatically think it is to fratenise with car manufacturers on the circuit – but diva is not only hooked on super cars….as an island girl, I love everything relating to the sea and my current favourite place to hang out in Abu Dhabi is the Yas Marina. Now…it has been gut wrenching not tweeting or blogging about it but I did promise dear Jonathan when I do touch on it, it will be from the heart and I will talk about my adventures there from experience – unfortunately I have only … Continue reading The awesomeness of Yas Marina

Rixos on Palm Dubai

Couple of days ago, on my way to the Literature festival, I popped over to see bubbly Maria who had invited me over to check out Rixos Palm Dubai, part of one of the world’s fastest luxury hotel chains. I was overwhelmed by all things Turkish in a really pleasant way and had a wonderful tour by her, particularly the spa area which I think everyone knows is my biggest weakness – I can never have enough hamman experiences. This new Rixos is certainly set to cater to UAE’s ever growing luxury leisure tourist market as well as business travellers … Continue reading Rixos on Palm Dubai

Majesty 135 and Gulf Craft’s 30 Year anniversay

This afternoon, two of us, together with Walid got chauffeur driven to Um Al Quwain to join selected VVIPs and members of the Royal family to see the first Majesty 135 as well as celebrate the 30 year anniversary of an organisation that handles high end yacht brands in this region.   Naturally I couldn’t say no to the invitation as no diva can resist fast cars, private airplanes, yachts or exclusive hospitality. After an afternoon with the Fijians from Shangri-la Fiji and Rajah + an evening at the literature festival, I was naturally knackered but mustered up enough energy … Continue reading Majesty 135 and Gulf Craft’s 30 Year anniversay

Emirates Airline Festival of Literature 2012

Last night I went to the Emirates Airline Festival of Literature 2012 to listen to an author (David Nichols) whose book “One Day’ I’m reading after my NJD and Eric persuaded me that it was totally up my street – and they were right as I am currently enjoying this book as my bedtime reading.  I bumped into people I know at the festival who enthused about the breathtaking display of readings, poetry, song and dance at the spectacular theatre that  is part of Cultural & Scientific Association at Al Mamzar.  This is where I saw the Japanese Drum show … Continue reading Emirates Airline Festival of Literature 2012

Diva hangs out with the Dubai International Boat Show team at DIMC

It is one of Dubai’s busiest weeks. All my friends are super busy….earlier today I caught up with an excited Barbara who is from the main organising team of the Dubai International Boat Show. We became friends early last year while I was shopping with NJD for a yachting weekend with friends and we clicked right away. She is awesome and we had a ball at the Motorshow together. The boat show publicity is done by Wallis Marketing (Mike Wallis and I go back years when we first went to Sharm al Sheikh together with a group for diving and … Continue reading Diva hangs out with the Dubai International Boat Show team at DIMC