In Dubai We Trust

Ever since I got the Hard Rock Café worldwide loyalty card, I’ve become a huge fan of their merchandise and its now tradition for me and my babe to get some retail therapy everywhere we visit that has a Hard Rock cafe….the food and drinks are great but the retail is even better. It is at Hard Rock Dubai where I met Salma and Khalid from ‘In Dubai We Trust’….a coincidence as I was there for something else and after a quick chat with them, I made up my mind that I will talk about their cool initiative….In Dubai We … Continue reading In Dubai We Trust

Its time for Dim Sum

Taking mandarin lessons is tough….the language is tough as it is but for some reason, most syllabus use food a lot in the lessons – I guess because everyone knows Chinese food so our dear teachers think it’s the easiest way to teach us the language. Tonight my lesson was on Shaomai (shāo mài) which  is a traditional Chinese dumpling served in dianxin/dim sum. The first time I had this was on a roadside stall in Malaysia on my way from KL to Penang. My companion spoke mainly Cantonese and was a huge fan of dim sum. All I knew … Continue reading Its time for Dim Sum

Hidden health secrets from Kiwifruit

One of the beauties of coming from an exotic island tropical paradise is that you grow up eating wholesome organic fruits in abundance….and what we don’t have in sunny Fiji Islands, we get from our neighbours Australia & New Zealand. Without doubt, one of the most healthiest fruits from NZ is kiwifruit and the best ones to get is from ZESPRI which is now on the supermarket shelves of the UAE….delightful! Since I am always on the lookout for the next best thing with health benefits, ZESPRI’s  “superfruit” status caught my eye. Citing the high levels of Vitamins C and … Continue reading Hidden health secrets from Kiwifruit

Inspirational coffee moment with Colm McLoughlin

After seeing Colm McLoughlin around town and in the media for over 11 years, I finally had a chance for a delightful chat with the man behind the most successful Duty Free retail venture in the world. I always wanted to do a blog on him so when our awesome Group was given an opportunity to get up, close and personal with Colm one morning a few months ago, naturally I jumped at the opportunity, had a chat with him and then found out even more later about the many initiatives he and his team help support via DDF. Arriving … Continue reading Inspirational coffee moment with Colm McLoughlin

Mike Rutzen at Atlantis – education on Great White Sharks

After driving on race tracks, bashing dunes, sky diving and generally doing anything that raises the blood pressure, my next big adrenaline driven adventure will be diving with sharks…..inspired by none other than Michael Rutzen, who is known as one of the few people in the world who free-dives with Great White Sharks and campaigns for their preservation around the world. Mike is so passionate describing his unique adventures as he travels extensively around the world to create an understanding and respect for this great predator, sharing his knowledge and involving as many people as possible in his conservation battle. … Continue reading Mike Rutzen at Atlantis – education on Great White Sharks