Food, Music Art….its all at Bo House Cafe

Fijianchick’s favourite Cafe 🙂

Last week I spent an evening after work at my favourite snack place, Bo House Café, the home of modern bohemians with Houri, Fadi and a couple of awesome young artists. The weather is perfect to hang out at JBR Walk anyway but what was awesome that evening was the BOZART Exhibition at Bo House in celebration of Dubai based artists. lt showcases the talented and creative work of Dubai‘s aspiring artists, Lisa Fabian, Sarah Khalil and Ishtar Al Shaybani. I had a lovely chat with Sarah and Ishtar who are as delightful as their art pieces.

I loved the art, the food and of course it was awesome to catch up with friends like Lisa and gorgeous Fadi who I normally would not see for months. It’s great to see Bo House giving local talents an opportunity to showcase their artwork on a creative and free artistic platform and its a perfect opportunity for art lovers to enjoy the café’s new menu with hearty home cooking, some made entirely from vegan friendly products.

Also the renowned Chef Giovannino Fittipaldi, conitues to create his award winning gelato, which should not be missed. I had a shot that night of a virgin cocktail that had goji berries which I got introduced to in Bahrain before as a super food …it was lush!

Bo House Cafe has been designed especially for the young, educated, and art savvy crowd who seek a haven from the bustle of daily life to a place where they can get together for fun, for love, for a scoop of award-winning Gelato, for no reason, for endless simple facts and emotions. The organically shaped rounded tables create a catalyst for creative minds to feed off each other’s talents and ideas. Its inspiring views of the coast, with waves that rhythmically lap against the shore, Bo House Café always keeps the vibe fresh and chilled.

It is naturally a concept by my favourite Pragma Group –  an organisation that balances the art and science of business and the management are just awesome fun people who are also behind the concept of the Cavalli Club, which is possibly the only night venue I love being in for snacks and chill out time with Pragma friends. Bo house Café is one place I would happily endorse as a quality venue in Dubai for chilling out with artistic and intellectual friends.

Condense Milk in squeezy pack

The super convenient pack that is making me smile during my sweet cravings

My colleagues have a love hate relationship with me this week…..and its all because of a delightfully sinful dose of condense milk in a squeezy pack which is enticing them towards more calories.

I personally would love to give the person who thought of the squeezy pack idea a super tight squeeze as I love condense milk…afterall Shereen literally means ‘sweet’ in so many languages. As a ‘Shereen’, I also love all things sweet, mainly chocolate but once in a while I have major condense milk or dulce de leche sessions.

I love the Cubans as I feel they make the best Dulce de leches in the world….and its all because of the humble condense milk…and currently I adore the guys at FrieslandCampina for introducing the RAINBOW Sweetened Condensed Milk in an all-new squeezy pack to this ‘sweet’ diva.

The new user-friendly squeezy pack offers a quick and convenient way to add a touch of sweetness to desserts, fruit salads, puddings and in my case, it goes straight from the tube to the mouth….6,000 beautifully smooth calories that hits the spot. Since I don’t smoke, drink booze or binge eat, I guess there had to be a weakness somewhere.

The new squeezy package makes it easy to pour and is resealable to prevent wastage. It offers a more practical and economical alternative to the usual tin…my colleagues have funny visions of helping me make two holes in the last tin and so I could blow in one to get the milk out the other…just thinking about it makes me laugh…hilarious!!!!

All I can say is that I love the innovative spirit of the guys at FrieslandCampina…they certainly know how to please a woman with a sweet tooth.