Food, Music Art….its all at Bo House Cafe

Last week I spent an evening after work at my favourite snack place, Bo House Café, the home of modern bohemians with Houri, Fadi and a couple of awesome young artists. The weather is perfect to hang out at JBR Walk anyway but what was awesome that evening was the BOZART Exhibition at Bo House in celebration of Dubai based artists. lt showcases the talented and creative work of Dubai‘s aspiring artists, Lisa Fabian, Sarah Khalil and Ishtar Al Shaybani. I had a lovely chat with Sarah and Ishtar who are as delightful as their art pieces. I loved the … Continue reading Food, Music Art….its all at Bo House Cafe

Condense Milk in squeezy pack

My colleagues have a love hate relationship with me this week…..and its all because of a delightfully sinful dose of condense milk in a squeezy pack which is enticing them towards more calories. I personally would love to give the person who thought of the squeezy pack idea a super tight squeeze as I love condense milk…afterall Shereen literally means ‘sweet’ in so many languages. As a ‘Shereen’, I also love all things sweet, mainly chocolate but once in a while I have major condense milk or dulce de leche sessions. I love the Cubans as I feel they make … Continue reading Condense Milk in squeezy pack