Afternoon Tea with Jimmy Choo in Hong Kong

First let me clarify that I still have mixed feelings about Jimmy Choo….my sexy red heels remain uncomfortable the last I felt it but I still love the white bag, which for Choo, is NOT BAD since I normally use Luis Vuitton as a benchmark. However, I am delighted with the look of The Landmark Mandarin Oriental and the MO Bar at the hotel, which also looks beautiful in photos, has organised its latest fashion tea in collaboration with Jimmy Choo. Jimmy Choo shoes and handbags are often worn by style icons around the world, from celebrities to royalty, and … Continue reading Afternoon Tea with Jimmy Choo in Hong Kong

Black Truffles return to Pregos

A few weeks ago I spent a decent hour reading about one man’s journey on cultivating truffles and how much of a cavorted commodity it has become amongst the world’s foodies who scramble to get the premium and crème of the crop…usually from Italy. Then I get news from Anita that the Black Truffle season is returned to Prego’s, coming all the way from Italy…Pregos (at Media Rotana) is of course my dining house of choice when I have skipped lunch and have a chance to eat on the way home post my workout….its one of few nice places that open at 6.00pm. Divas…and others of course others.. can celebrate the legendary Black Truffle … Continue reading Black Truffles return to Pregos