Loving Dark Roast from Tim Hortons

Everyone knows my addiction to Tim Hortons Iced drinks but finally I have found a hot drink – the new Dark Roast blend that I tried in an  enhanced tasting experience by the brand highlighting the full, rich profile of the new coffee blend…in the dark! I usually don’t go all the way to the other end of Dubai for such tastings but it was organised by an awesome PR agency, Percept Gulf who were very persuasive and is the best agency that Apparel Group uses so I made the effort – I am glad I did. Tim Hortons Dark Roast is … Continue reading Loving Dark Roast from Tim Hortons

Homecare tips from Helpling

Every weekend I become a domestic diva so am always on the lookout for home care tips and I just received some from the German based startup Helpling, a global online platform for on-demand home services. The innovative online service gives people more time to enjoy the nice things in life: family, friends and leisure activities. 1. Use Powerade The overpowering smell of chemicals can make cleaning the bathroom harder than it should be. But rather than getting out the bleach, try putting two cups of Gatorade in the toilet. Normally consumed as an energy drink, Gatorade has the power … Continue reading Homecare tips from Helpling