Exquisite Greek products at Mastihashop Dubai

Mastihashop is a new Dubai department store experience with a cosy Boutique CafĂ© feel combined to offer an immersive social experience. Located in Aswaaq Mall on Al Wasl Road in Jumeirah 1, the Mastihashop collection reflects the modernization of traditional food remedies that include Mastiha/Mastic infused chocolates, sweets, savoury products, cosmetics and skincare, pharmaceuticals, gifts as well as exotic coffee, ice cream, desserts and milkshakes. Inspired and intriguedby the powerful healing qualities of Mastiha or Mastic and warm memories of his grandmother using Mastic for ailments, local entrepreneur, Mansoor Al Bastaki has embarked on a journey that has brought Mastihashop … Continue reading Exquisite Greek products at Mastihashop Dubai