Harmony of the Seas The World’s Largest Cruise ship

My first cruise holiday started with Royal Caribbean seven years ago setting sail from Barcelona for a week exploring different European cities along the way and even for a seasoned traveller like me, I was impressed and came to the conclusion that to really unwind, there is no better way than being on a ship miles away from distraction. Especially as the team at Royal Caribbean looked after my daughter as their own leaving me to enjoy the spa and activities on board. Few weeks ago I boarded again a Royal Caribbean ship that currently is the biggest cruise ship … Continue reading Harmony of the Seas The World’s Largest Cruise ship

Luxury Tropical Escapes W South Beach

Miami is a playground for celebrities and on the boardwalk of the coast area where the elite converge, sits W South Beach, a beachfront oasis in the heart of Miami’s most famous and visited coastal line. I stayed there to experience not just their room but their cuisine and enjoyed walking through their manicured garden area. The W South Beach attracts visitors with its stunning design elements, high-ceilings, a lobby with a warm ambience filled with eclectic furniture an modern art. Before breakfast, I spent an hour exploring the lobby area and enjoyed the art of Damien Hirst and Jean-Michel … Continue reading Luxury Tropical Escapes W South Beach