Spice it up with ice this summer at Icons Coffee Couture

Icons Ice cream Shereen ShabnamJPGThe Innovative Ice -cream salad dressing!

It’s really hot at the moment so getting news on  ICONS Coffee Couture, a German coffee franchise and healthy coffee joint, unveiling their new range of ‘Sweet & Salty’ ice creams is a welcome thought.

Designed as a unique ice cream range, the collection includes not only ice cream smoothies and frappes, but also three salty ice cream dressings to make every salad deliciously sumptuous. Ice-cream enthusiast and innovator, Vasco Valenca De Sousa is the mind behind the Sweet & Salty range of Icons ice cream dreams which are only naturally sweetened with dates or agave to embrace healthy eating and face the summer heat with their cool ice creams.

I reckon I have had very brand of ice-cream the last few days –  At Icons, the sweet ice cream compliments well the upcoming Ramadan season, with dates coupled with classic flavors, chocolate and vanilla. The salty ice creams, a never-before heard of concept, includes herby pesto flavor, dense potato and fresh carrot variants.

What’s more –the salty range of savory ice creams are made to be used as healthy and delicious salad dressings! Once scooped and put over a dry salad, these ice creams melt right in, giving the salads a rich, creamy and refreshing taste.


February Offers from The Address Dubai Mall

 Ever since I moved near Downtown Dubai, I’m amazed at the number of places I can indulge in the best food one can find in the region. Apart from walking across to City Walk, another venue close by, The Address Dubai Mall has some awesome offers this February:

Cabana Brunch


Karat Tapas Evenings: Soulful and Spirited Sumptuous and Spanish,

Celebrate the Andalusian spirit with tapas and virgin sangria that inspire the palate and lift the soul. Join us every evening at Karat, as we come alive to the sights, sounds and tastes of Spain.

Venue: Karat

Day: Daily

Time: 7 pm to 11 pm

Price: AED 85 with including unlimited homemade virgin Sangria.

For reservations, please contact + 971 4 438 8888 or email dine.dubaimall@theaddress.com



Mesmerizing Friday Brunch with delectable views.

Experience an Al Fresco BBQ Brunch with breathtaking views of the Burj Khalifa. Our sumptuous Brunch, perfectly styled for sharing with family and friends. Savour our signature dishes from global tapas to freshly grilled seafood and prime cuts, and specially blended tropical beverages to please every taste.

Venue: Cabana

Day: Every Friday

Time: 12.30 pm to 4 pm

Price      AED 225 per person with soft beverages

AED 335 per person with selected beverages

For reservations, please contact + 971 4 888 3444 or email dine@theaddress.com

Savour Latin Passion at Cabana Churrasco Night

Try our fiery Churrasco fiesta feast, serenaded by Latin guitar at this exclusive poolside restaurant, every Thursday night. Sample the unlimited skewers of succulent beef, lamb and poultry, sizzled to perfection and carved ‘rodizio-style’ at your table.

Venue: Cabana

Day: Every Thursday

Time: 7.30 pm to 11 pm

Price      : AED 210 per person with soft beverages

AED 300 per person with selected beverages

For reservations, please contact + 971 4 888 3444 or email dine@theaddress.com

Cabana valentine Shereen Shabnam


Relish your love story in a private cabana with elegant décor, where you can feast on an exceptional six-course tasting menu. This special experience is a superb choice for Valentine’s Day that combines privacy, a unique setting and wonderful cuisine.

Venue: Cabana

Day: Friday 14th February 2014,

Time: 7.30 pm until 11 pm

For reservations, please contact + 971 4 888 3444 or email dine@theaddress.com


Enjoy our Stylish Friday Brunch

Indulge yourself every Friday with Arabic and International specialties. Arabic Chef de Cuisine Hanna Dib leads you through a culinary journey where you can explore original recipes of the region as well as International dishes. Experience the vibrancy and excitement of seeing our chefs prepare your dishes at the open plan kitchen in this sophisticated and modern setting.

Venue: Na3Na3

Day: Every Friday

Time: 12.30 pm to 4 pm

Price      AED 210 per person with soft beverages

AED 295 per person with selected beverages

For reservations, please contact + 971 4 888 3444 or email dine@theaddress.com

Na3Na3 Hosts Seafood Nights Every Thursday

Dive into Seafood extravagance at Na3Na3. Delicacies served at the outlet include spicy gazpacho to lobster tail and tiger prawn. This buffet is a lavish start to the weekend.

Venue: Na3Na3

Date: Every Thursday

Time: 7 to 11pm

Price:  AED 210 including soft beverages; AED 265 including selected beverages

For reservations, please dial 8883444 or email dine@theaddress.com

Oriental Taste of Asia Night at Na3Na3

Indulge in the delicious and authentic taste of Asian food with contemporary delicacies that reflect a broad diversity of flavours and cultures. Mark ‘Asia Night’ at Na3Na3 with a buffet boasting live stations, salads, appetisers, and dessert stalls, from Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan, and India, to complete your dining experience.

Venue: Na3Na3

Date: Every Friday

Time: 7pm to 11pm

Price: AED 210 including soft beverages; AED 265 including selected beverages

For reservations, please dial 8883444 or email dine@theaddress.com



Aprés Midi: The Perfect Time for a Stylish Slice of Café Society at Madeleine Café and Boulangerie

Experience the joie de vivre of France right here in Dubai. Delicious pastries freshly made for you to enjoy with your choice of juice, hot or soft beverages. Now you don’t have to travel far for the fine French patisserie.

Venue: Madeleine Café & Boulangerie

Date: Everyday

Time: 2pm to 6pm

Price: AED 120 for two people with soft beverage

For reservations, please contact 04 438 4335 or email infomadeleinecafe@emaar.ae

Explore Clumber Park

NJD Clumber Park


This summer, little diva got introduced to some serious nature by her paternal aunt and Uncle….at Clumber Park which is set on the old country estate of the Dukes of Newcastle and is home to beautiful avenues, plants, wildlife and an amazing picturesque trail for walking.

We walked through gardens, woodlands, light forests and NJD even had a Winnie the Pooh moment throwing twigs in the river and watching them come on the other end of a bridge over a waterfall.

NJD Clumber

We took photos of the chapel, a masterpiece of gothic revival, standing tall in grandeur of the past.

NJD enjoyed feeding ducks and swans while skipping along stopping only for ice cream after 3 hours of blissful nature around a magnificent lake. I got a nettle attack only to be cured by a leaf growing nearby in minutes.

We even came across a bridge that looked much like the troll bridge in the series ‘Once Upon a Time’. The day ended with scones and tea from the Café…delightfully English!

Natasha Dury Clumber

Tash climbs her first tree
Tash climbs her first tree

Food, Music Art….its all at Bo House Cafe

Fijianchick’s favourite Cafe 🙂

Last week I spent an evening after work at my favourite snack place, Bo House Café, the home of modern bohemians with Houri, Fadi and a couple of awesome young artists. The weather is perfect to hang out at JBR Walk anyway but what was awesome that evening was the BOZART Exhibition at Bo House in celebration of Dubai based artists. lt showcases the talented and creative work of Dubai‘s aspiring artists, Lisa Fabian, Sarah Khalil and Ishtar Al Shaybani. I had a lovely chat with Sarah and Ishtar who are as delightful as their art pieces.

I loved the art, the food and of course it was awesome to catch up with friends like Lisa and gorgeous Fadi who I normally would not see for months. It’s great to see Bo House giving local talents an opportunity to showcase their artwork on a creative and free artistic platform and its a perfect opportunity for art lovers to enjoy the café’s new menu with hearty home cooking, some made entirely from vegan friendly products.

Also the renowned Chef Giovannino Fittipaldi, conitues to create his award winning gelato, which should not be missed. I had a shot that night of a virgin cocktail that had goji berries which I got introduced to in Bahrain before as a super food …it was lush!

Bo House Cafe has been designed especially for the young, educated, and art savvy crowd who seek a haven from the bustle of daily life to a place where they can get together for fun, for love, for a scoop of award-winning Gelato, for no reason, for endless simple facts and emotions. The organically shaped rounded tables create a catalyst for creative minds to feed off each other’s talents and ideas. Its inspiring views of the coast, with waves that rhythmically lap against the shore, Bo House Café always keeps the vibe fresh and chilled.

It is naturally a concept by my favourite Pragma Group –  an organisation that balances the art and science of business and the management are just awesome fun people who are also behind the concept of the Cavalli Club, which is possibly the only night venue I love being in for snacks and chill out time with Pragma friends. Bo house Café is one place I would happily endorse as a quality venue in Dubai for chilling out with artistic and intellectual friends.

Stressing about Moon Cakes

I just received my Mandarin lessons for this week which I do every night before I sleep – that is if I am a good girl. Most nights I just keel over and the end of the week I struggle to learn all my 6 words of the week with correct pronunciation. It may sound easy to learn 6 words a week but trust me, in Mandarin, it’s a Herculean task.

Moon cake月饼(yuè bing) is a Chinese baked food product…..they look very nice too.

In Malaysia and Singapore, my nine years there had many of my friends trying to get me eat them but I more often than not didn’t take to it. But they are very tempting with some amazing presentations during the Mid Autumn Festival or the Zhongqiu Festival.

Typical moon cakes are round or rectangular pastries that measure about 10 cm in diameter and are 4–5 cm thick. The rich, thick filling is usually made from red bean or lotus seed paste and sometimes contain yolks from salted duck eggs, surrounded by a thin (2–3 mm) crust and it was those ones I avoided.

During my visit to Hong Kong and then later to Macau and more recently to Korea, I tried moon cakes again which were slightly different to the ones I ate in Malaysia and Singapore but I still prefer the traditional cakes a lot more. Most people eat moon cakes in small wedges accompanied by Chinese tea which makes it a really nice , traditional experience, especially when it’s with good friends.

Now although I may know a bit about moon cakes, I am still struggling with my pronunciations in this lesson today – wish I had more Chinese and Asian friends in Dubai who could help me with this so my last-minute rush to complete lessons becomes a less traumatic experience.

The Onam experience

Last week I went through memory lane as I saw signs of the Onam celebrations around me in Dubai Supermarkets, jewellery stores etc. Living in Fiji I never came across this festival and had no clue of its significance until I came to Malaysia to study. My parents, being anxious about me in a country where I didn’t know a single soul at the age of 19 arranged with family friends that I should spend some weekends at their sisters house in Subang Jaya.
The family, who I still love and adore happened to be Malayali or Keralite, a community known to be highly literate, cultural and very warm. I thought at first all Indians were the same, spoke the same language etc but instead was introduced to a whole new world of cuisine, dance, theatre and met specialists in English literature that would leave some of the Harvard Professors gaping in awe.
As a Fijian I am used to being hospitable and having an open house policy to guests but my family friends went way beyond that to the point of making my favourite dishes on weekends, taking me to visit the extended family on trips and dropping me off to University (30 minutes away) when I had early morning classes.
Going back to Onam which is a ten day festival…..one of the things I remember in the nine years I spent in Kuala Lumpur was that every September, we ate a dozen or so dishes off a banana leaf in various family gatherings also known as sadya. My favourite sadya dish was payasam of course which is a dessert cooked in milk.
The community organises dances, numerous theatrical productions during this period and famous singers are called on for performances etc. I can almost smell the string of jasmine flowers in my hair when we set off for a dinner performance or a sadya outstation. Women buy gold during this 10 day period and many wear the traditional cream sari with a gold border (known as the kasavu yarn) that looks so awesome on them. I’m told that historically kasavu sari’s appeared in ancient Jain and Buddhist literature and over the years the material may have changed to suit the fashion trends but the colour and look remains the same.
Onam is over but the memories of yesteryears and my time with the Venugopal family, their extended families and friends in Malaysia still linger. I learnt so much from them that I feel I gained knowledge of an entirely new community from their perspective. Another thing I have to thank my parents for – they certainly guided me into situations that helped me learn and understand what the world is all about outside my comfort circle.