Diva’s drinking from a Haute Couture Tea Collection


How sexy is the TWG tea packaging

I’m drinking tea…lots of it. Not just any tea but after a trip to Singapore couple of months ago and discovering TWG Tea, I’m sold. No more Red Bull Energy shots or the sinful 3 in I chai sugar laden lattes for this lazy girl. Afterall, in the spirit of the ceaselessly creative designers of haute couture, TWG Tea offers an aesthetes’ collection of unique and exclusive seasonal tea blends that reflect the core of TWG Tea’s global expansion and cosmopolitan appeal….sounds totally up my street!

Distinguishing itself from the archives of cultural tea traditions, the world’s finest luxury tea brand is constantly conceiving and shaping the trends of this new era with creations that are sensual, irreplaceable and exceptional. Challenging and inventive, TWG Tea defies history in the crafting of its myriad collections, each more provocative and alluring than the last.

TWG Tea Haute Couture tea collection was first launched in Singapore with the signature Silver Moon Tea. A grand green tea bouquet that represents the ultra-modernity of this cosmopolitan city, this tea has become one of the most popular blends ever launched by the brand.

The Haute Couture tea collections are a selection alluding to indelible memories of marvellous flavours. The collection includes some of my favourites…..look out for the flavours below if you are tea connoisseur looking for any excuse to have a cuppa.

1837 Black Tea
Brother’s Club Tea
French Earl Grey
Jade Dragon Tea
Napoleon Tea
New York Breakfast Tea
Red of Africa Tea
Silver Moon Tea
White House Tea
Alexandria Tea
Early Grey Gentleman
Geisha Blossom Tea
Maharaja Darjeeling Tea
New World Tea
Place Vendôme Tea
Royal Moroccan Tea
Singapore Breakfast Tea


Another AMARI to try out


Inside Amari Hua Hin

The last time I stayed in an Amari Hotel was during a 5 day stop in Bangkok on a fairly complicated journey back to Fiji Islands. With NJD and her penchant for being curious, we thought it would make sense to stop in Bangkok and Adelaide Australia so she could have a break, meet her  godmother and we could have peace of mind on shorter flight times in between. The Amari we stayed in was right in Bangkok and it was an amazing experience – now they have a new hotel Amari Hua Hin, which is the latest addition to Amari’s portfolio of properties in Thailand.

Ideally located just two and a half hours from Bangkok and next to Khao Takiab, a popular stretch of beach, the resort offers easy access to the city’s shopping and entertainment venues. The 223-room Amari Hua Hin offers refined comfort and elegant resort style accommodation combined with exclusive services and facilities including new signature initiatives that involve bringing people together, whether a group of friends, colleagues or a family.

The food outlets at Amari Hua Hin offer a selection of popular and healthy choices from family-sized sharing baguettes at Reef Deli, a modern twist on Thai street food and international favourites at Aqua Pool Bar,  signature XL cocktails or a personal BBQ grill station at Shoreline Beach Club.

In addition to the extensive dining options, the resort also boasts; conference facilities, ballroom, fitness centre, kids club and kids pool, outdoor pool surrounded by landscaped tropical gardens, a vast sundeck, and a Breeze Spa and Salon. Through an “Amari Host”, based on property and a specially designed destination web portal, “Destination Amari”, guests will be encouraged to experience local culture, whether it is through visiting nearby attractions or by attending a festival or trying a local delicacy.

One thing is for sure, in Thailand there is always something exciting happening in every street corner you turn to 🙂

The breadfruits and the jackfruits of Fiji

A zoomed view of the greenery from the balcony of my current home in Fiji. Our tropical weather allows us to have the best of the best organic fruits and vegetables

This week I broke my fast at a Fijian friend’s house – she is married to an Emirati so the Iftar fare was a mixture of Arabic and Fijian cuisine. The reason I was there was because Rajah (my friend) had brought some breadfruit and cooked it in Fijian style with Roti and wanted me to go down memory lane as we enjoyed our iftar experience.

Fijian cuisine is unique and often one can’t recreate the taste elsewhere although in some cases one can come close. I have been battling to make soft round roti’s and curries abroad for years but because its hard to get fresh organic ingredients easily in other countries, the taste is never the same.

Occasionally we get overjoyed when we see a rare vegetable that we associate to our extensive Fijian produce and are able to cook it Fijian style as we have all the vegetables the rest of the world has but more….where else can you get a vegetable as tasty as daruka. (this is not going to be another whitebait style story, I swear. In my defence, there is no fish in the world that is as delicious as whitebait so I had to gloat about the fact that we get it in Fiji and my family always keeps this rare treat for me when it is in season)

In Fiji, we love our root crops – so instead of eating bread and rice all the time, we get our carbs through tapioca, yam (dalo), taro, breadfruits, sweet potatoes etc. We are also super lucky that our cuisine is influenced by old-world civilizations mainly Polynesian/Melanesians, Indians and Chinese with a dose of influence from our Kiwi and Aussie neighbours.

Our styles of cooking happen to be an interesting experience as well. As Polynesians, we love cooking lovo (food marinated and cooked underground on hot stones) often accompanied with root crops. We also enjoy spicy Indian cuisine and Chinese delicacies  (our chop suey, chow mien and stir fries are out of this world).

Our cooks, family members and young chefs are spoilt for choice when it comes to the variety of fresh food so they use their imaginations to experiment and come up with amazing food that Fijians abroad and visitors of Fiji keep coming back for. We come from a world where we can cook fresh white fish entirely in lemon juice, wash it and make a mean salad (kokonda) that our visitors talk about for days.

I also remember the times in Dubai both me and Rajah go scouring for jackfruit in Karama when we craved Fijian food – being a snobbish marama, I normally would not venture to Karama for love or for money but for jackfruit, or any Fijian delicacy, I am willing to put up with anything. Eaten ripe, jackfruits are the most sweetest and succulents of desserts (very popular in Asia) but I prefer the young ones cut in small pieces and fried with garlic, onion, chillies and tumeric with Fijian style roti.

I still go to Lulu Supermarket to get the ripe ones from Malaysia for my better half and the raw ones for me to cook with. In Thailand, the ripe ones are cut in small pieces and served in sweet coconut milk as desserts….lush! What is great also is that the green jackfruit is full of vitamins that helps to prevent many sicknesses like fighting cancer and lowering blood pressure.

Its going to be Eid next week and I certainly will miss my usual delicacies like fried jackfruit and going to the amazing markets in Fiji full of organic food fresh from the farms every morning. I’m glad though that NJD is coming back to Dubai post Eid and is bring me back some of the Eid goodies like barfi, coconut candy and a few other decadent and sinful things that I so enjoy!

In the meantime, I want to get my retirement sorted in Fiji – with the world in chaos, it’s about time I earned in Fiji dollars and enjoyed life under a coconut palm complete with a drink that has a multi-coloured umbrella in it. (I can see my stalker and the green-eyed monsters hoping a coconut would fall on my head and put a stop to this drivel). Oh well! – a girl can dream!

Apple or pear shaped?

Being curvalicious can be amazing sometimes but down right confusing these days when you go for BMI tests and the like.

While I enjoy being called a yummy mummy or have my butt compared to J-lo (Afterall she did insure it for millions), being asked if I am apple or pear-shaped makes me cringe especially if in the same sentence a therapist goes ‘if you are pear-shaped, you may have memory problems later in age’. Apparently its hard to determine mine as I seem to be one of the in between; a mixture of pear, apple and hourglass – whatever that means!

Naturally that would make me say, ‘hey, I’m darned sure I’m an apple cos my boobs equate to headlights and stop the traffic and the tummy and butt sticks out so when I wear a ‘mumu’, it looks all rounded. Well I’m hoping that’s a good sign until the therapist starts counting out what can go wrong if you are apple – diabetes, blood pressure or heart diseases. And if you wanna be a Kim Kardashian type with bulges in the right places but have to lose weight on the tummy, another lecture begins on after effects with cellulite and numerous spot reduction exercises etc.

Which brings me to the realisation that as a woman you can’t win….there is always going to be something that will be a pain in the ass (pun intended). At this stage I tell myself that the people in my life adore me just the way I am and who cares if I lose my mind being a pear shaped or am roly poly like an apple…now all I gotta do is get that darned BMI to the right levels. Something tells me I am going to miss Ramadan and whipping my fabulous self into shape.