Loving Dark Roast from Tim Hortons

Everyone knows my addiction to Tim Hortons Iced drinks but finally I have found a hot drink – the new Dark Roast blend that I tried in an  enhanced tasting experience by the brand highlighting the full, rich profile of the new coffee blend…in the dark! I usually don’t go all the way to the other end of Dubai for such tastings but it was organised by an awesome PR agency, Percept Gulf who were very persuasive and is the best agency that Apparel Group uses so I made the effort – I am glad I did. Tim Hortons Dark Roast is … Continue reading Loving Dark Roast from Tim Hortons

Warm up with a Squash soup

Absolutely love this recipe of Squash Soup by the Six Senses Zighy Bay Executive chef, Richard Lee. SQUASH SOUP 500ml vegetables stock 750 gram squash, cut into cubes 2 red onions, chopped 2 garlic cloves, halved 60 ml yoghurt 1 gram ground nutmeg Salt and pepper to taste Method: Put the stock and 500ml of water into a heavy-based pan and bring to boil, add the squash, onions and garlic and return to the boil. Reduce the heat slightly and cook for 15 minutes or until the squash is smooth. Drain the vegetables in a colander, reserving the liquid. Puree the … Continue reading Warm up with a Squash soup

That perfect Rocca Salad

With the Spring season around the corner, we bring you the perfect Rocca Salad recipe by the Six Senses Zighy Bay Executive chef, Richard Lee. ROCCA SALAD 60 gram Rocket leaves 20 gram red onion, thin slices 20 gram tomato 40 gram goat cheese, crumbled 5 gram sumac 10 ml olive oil 10 ml lemon juice 10 gram green olives, sliced Salt and pepper to taste Method: 1. Place all of the ingredients in a bowl, mix and serve Continue reading That perfect Rocca Salad

Make Healthy Living a Priority with Ole

We welcomed the new year with a renewed commitment to living healthy. Its hard to keep track on our aspirations but to succeed, make only one resolution. Your chances of success are greater when you channel energy into changing just one aspect of your behavior – and none is most important as being healthy. With a clean slate, it is not too late to feel inspired and motivated to re-make yourself into a fighting fit person. One such wellness resolution you can make is to exercise moderately for 30 minutes a day, eat clean wholesome foods and increase your intake … Continue reading Make Healthy Living a Priority with Ole

Black Truffles return to Pregos

A few weeks ago I spent a decent hour reading about one man’s journey on cultivating truffles and how much of a cavorted commodity it has become amongst the world’s foodies who scramble to get the premium and crème of the crop…usually from Italy. Then I get news from Anita that the Black Truffle season is returned to Prego’s, coming all the way from Italy…Pregos (at Media Rotana) is of course my dining house of choice when I have skipped lunch and have a chance to eat on the way home post my workout….its one of few nice places that open at 6.00pm. Divas…and others of course others.. can celebrate the legendary Black Truffle … Continue reading Black Truffles return to Pregos

Back to Café culture in Dubai with La Maison Du Cafe

Warm ambience of La Maison Du Cafe It is great to be back in Dubai and in action after 3 weeks in KL and Bali….what I missed most was sitting in a café with nice ambience, people watching and typing away with other like-minded caffeine addicts. I started my first evening after work today at a new outfit on the way home…. the La Maison Du Cafe – ‘Cafe Najjar’ which is the internationally renowned Lebanese coffee concept that certainly  has opened a new world for coffee connoisseurs here to enjoy some of the most exclusive aromas. The concept ‘Café’ was … Continue reading Back to Café culture in Dubai with La Maison Du Cafe

Multiple health benefits of rooibos tea

Caffeine-free tea from South Africa is linked with treatment for diabetes, cancer and heart disease I love alternative healing and detoxing therapies and thanks to some forward thinking individuals and gorgeous nutritionists in the UAE like Hala Barghout, I often get enlightened on what I should be eating and drinking to keep myself fairly healthy. Especially as I have a huge appetite for the good stuff in life, super foods somehow help me keep a balance so that my voluptuous figure doesn’t go totally toxic. I first got introduced to rooibos tea when Eric came home few years ago raving about it … Continue reading Multiple health benefits of rooibos tea

Food, Music Art….its all at Bo House Cafe

Last week I spent an evening after work at my favourite snack place, Bo House Café, the home of modern bohemians with Houri, Fadi and a couple of awesome young artists. The weather is perfect to hang out at JBR Walk anyway but what was awesome that evening was the BOZART Exhibition at Bo House in celebration of Dubai based artists. lt showcases the talented and creative work of Dubai‘s aspiring artists, Lisa Fabian, Sarah Khalil and Ishtar Al Shaybani. I had a lovely chat with Sarah and Ishtar who are as delightful as their art pieces. I loved the … Continue reading Food, Music Art….its all at Bo House Cafe

Diva’s drinking from a Haute Couture Tea Collection

  I’m drinking tea…lots of it. Not just any tea but after a trip to Singapore couple of months ago and discovering TWG Tea, I’m sold. No more Red Bull Energy shots or the sinful 3 in I chai sugar laden lattes for this lazy girl. Afterall, in the spirit of the ceaselessly creative designers of haute couture, TWG Tea offers an aesthetes’ collection of unique and exclusive seasonal tea blends that reflect the core of TWG Tea’s global expansion and cosmopolitan appeal….sounds totally up my street! Distinguishing itself from the archives of cultural tea traditions, the world’s finest luxury … Continue reading Diva’s drinking from a Haute Couture Tea Collection

Apple or pear shaped?

Being curvalicious can be amazing sometimes but down right confusing these days when you go for BMI tests and the like. While I enjoy being called a yummy mummy or have my butt compared to J-lo (Afterall she did insure it for millions), being asked if I am apple or pear-shaped makes me cringe especially if in the same sentence a therapist goes ‘if you are pear-shaped, you may have memory problems later in age’. Apparently its hard to determine mine as I seem to be one of the in between; a mixture of pear, apple and hourglass – whatever that … Continue reading Apple or pear shaped?