Catfish’s Summer Body Makeover Menu

Got summer body goals? We got you. Summer in Dubai is sizzling up with the vibrant new introduction of Catfish Lean; our flavor-packed under 600 Kcal menu validated by an accredited dietician and nutritionist. Catfish Lean will see the introduction of lighter versions of our classic warm balanced bowls, so you can enjoy our signature Jollof flavors in portioned controlled sizes, balanced with plant-powered ingredients, which are built to nourish and satisfy without skimping on the vibrant burst of flavors West African cuisine has to offer. In addition, our fufu bowls will also include low-carb options to pair with our … Continue reading Catfish’s Summer Body Makeover Menu

Sumptuous Uzbek cuisine in Dubai

ZOR at the Pointe on the Palm brings hearty flavours to Dubai By Shereen Shabnam Before the summer heat came upon us, we headed to the Palm Jumeirah to explore the Pointe and sample delicacies at ZOR, which means Excellent! In Uzbek. Sitting outdoors in the evening meant we had front row views of the fountain while dining and enjoy the best mezze in the city with an equally indulgent selection of main courses and desserts. ZOR’s vision is to bring the best of Uzbek food and culture to Dubai on a plate and they stay true to their word. … Continue reading Sumptuous Uzbek cuisine in Dubai

Maknoon – Olive Oil Royalty reaches UAE

Maknoon marks the majestic arrival of its treasured oil for the first time in UAE. There is olive oil, good olive oil, excellent olive oil and then there is the luxury hand-pressed extra virgin Maknoon olive oil. The name, translated, means cherished and this applies to the olives themselves. Appearing in UAE in March, this oil is a culmination of the passion, dedication and adherence to tradition of the Levant dating back millennia. Some of the trees in the groves are two thousand years old, handed down from generation to generation, bearing the very finest, pure fruit in groves warmed … Continue reading Maknoon – Olive Oil Royalty reaches UAE