Maknoon – Olive Oil Royalty reaches UAE

Maknoon marks the majestic arrival of its treasured oil for the first time in UAE.

There is olive oil, good olive oil, excellent olive oil and then there is the luxury hand-pressed extra virgin Maknoon olive oil. The name, translated, means cherished and this applies to the olives themselves.

Appearing in UAE in March, this oil is a culmination of the passion, dedication and adherence to tradition of the Levant dating back millennia. Some of the trees in the groves are two thousand years old, handed down from generation to generation, bearing the very finest, pure fruit in groves warmed by the sun, nourished by the rain and held protectively by the rich earth that surrounds them.

It is a celebration of many years of heritage and experience, honed over the centuries in order to produce a pure artisan oil, lovingly made by farmers known to and approved of by the company. Maknoon olives are truly pampered, tended and watched over carefully throughout their entire growing cycle until they can be picked, hand – pressed, bottled and made ready for sale. After picking, each olive is rigorously inspected by hand to ensure that only the plumpest, blemish-free fruits go on to the pressing process. Chemical processes would alter the exquisite flavour of the oil so none are used and no effort is spared in a highly labour-intensive method ensuring the end product is the absolute perfection expected by loyal and discerning customers. Harvested using traditional methods to capture the finest flavours, these oils bring the Levant to your table.

Every purchase of this ethically and sustainably produced superb oil supports the farmers, their families and communities, helping to preserve the industry for the next generation.

Each oil has its own characteristics:

Palestinian – a light gold, faintly bitter smooth oil with a lingering peppery finish.

Lebanese – light, smooth with notes of herbs, a hint of bitterness and a fruity, light peppery finish.

Syrian – pale gold, a harmony of bitter and herbaceous, smooth with hints of artichoke and herbs.

Beautifully presented in dark bottles of 375mls and 500mls to protect their precious content, packaged in elegant and meticulously crafted boxes, the oil makes an exceptional gift both personal and corporate or simply a decadent addition to the home.

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