Genuine Healthcare Interview with Markus Giebel – CEO and Co-owner, Eternity Clinics


There is nothing as valuable as having good health. Last month we met with Markus Giebel, CEO and co-owner of Eternity who was previously the CEO of Deyaar, a publically traded company, and Vice President of Corning, a Fortune 500 technology company in the US.

Markus is the brain behind Eternity clinic, which specialises in predictive and preventative healthcare. Rather than wait until we get sick before we start to cure late-stage diseases, Eternity has created specialised health screening software called SAM, or Software for Age Management which was fully developed with a team in Dubai.

Working from Dubai, Markus Giebel recognised early that predictive and preventive healthcare, or age management, is fast developing into a multi-billion Dollar global market.


Markus tells us over coffee how the screening enables a very exact diagnosis of each patient’s health status. The system then recommends treatments including supplements, hormones, nutritional or lifestyle changes and creates a very easy to understand client health report.


According to Markus, the software and the system behind it has already won several awards and is gathering significant international interest, as it is shifting the paradigm from sick-care to genuine healthcare.


His vision was, with the correct screening and intervention, people need no longer wait to get sick before late-stage diseases were treated and cured. Within the next ten years, he said, annual health screening would be as commonplace as regular inspections are for your car today.


Eternity in Dubai Marina has attracted world-leading physicians. The centre is equipped with the most advanced diagnostic technology and features a fully licensed polyclinic, radiology and plastic surgery departments.

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