Making the Malta Move

Valletta skyline with the St. Pauls Cathedral

Why Malta?

While Malta is an attractive tourist destination that offers the best of everything one would look for in a holiday destination, one of the reasons that pull people into Malta is the country lifestyle and the desire to make it into a permanent home, especially in the current scenario in the Middle East where thousands of displaced families are looking to find a base that is stable and makes them feel secure permanently.

What’s in it?

Whether you are a tourist or looking for a holiday home, for investment or as a permanent place to live, Malta offers a package of sun, sea and sand that is hard to resist. One place to stop by is Frank Salt Real Estate Group, who acted as my guide and showed me around the entire Island with a short stop in Gozo on the recommendation of the Reconya, a consultancy on residence and citizenship in Europe.

Malta islands

Malta has three islands: Malta, Gozo and Comino. Malta is of course the main land, followed by Gozo and a few farmers inhabit Comino, a veritable paradise with a lagoon bluer than turquoise.


Malta tour

As Frank Salt offer a one-stop-shop solution covering the real estate on the Island, I was able to tour almost everything, including looking into the homes and saw the way people lived. I enjoyed visits to seafront luxury apartments in St Julians and Sliema, charming houses of character in traditional Maltese villages, the areas of Mellieha and Madliena and even farmhouses with land and country views in Gozo.

The largest island, Malta, is sophisticated with a wide variety of superb hotels, excellent beaches and busy nightlife. It is known as the island of sunshine and history as it has numerous temples, monuments and fascinating historical and archaeological sites, some of which date even before the Pyramids.

Having been involved in the experience center industry extensively in my career, I love Museums and in Malta, tourists will find a variety of treasures to discover with artefacts related to art, archaeology, natural history, wartime or maritime history.

For those interested in old fortifications, enjoy the military and historical parades on site, regularly staged to allow visitors to be swept back in time or watch one of the multi-vision shows, which encapsulate Maltese history from its very beginnings to modern day.

La Crème de la Crème: Gozo

My favorite part was visiting Gozo, aptly termed as ‘the island where time stands still, because of the tranquility it exudes. It is a magnificent and truly tranquil rural landscape, allowing for sweeping views of terraced fields and glimmering shorelines.

I arrived in Gozo after a 30 minute ferry ride and found that life in Gozo moves at a leisurely pace, revolving around farming and fishing. There are wonderful small restaurants serving fish caught only hours before being served at the table and a bustling nightlife in the summer similar to Malta.

The island reminded me of Fiji and I was captured by its serene charm and beauty. At every turn you see flowers, lush crops in the fields, picturesque villages, charming farmhouses and warm friendly faces.

Gozo attracts artists, painters and photographers and the island boasts two opera houses. The locals (Gozitans) are very friendly and there are always celebrations going on in one of the 17 villages at any given time.


As a writer and social media specialist, I appreciated the free Wi-Fi in the public squares for research and posts as I enjoyed the famous bakeries around the island. Malta’s little sister is an island guaranteed to stimulate the senses and lower your stress levels as soon as you arrive. Even if you are there for a short visit, it is easy to see why Gozo has become known as undiscovered paradise.

I was not able to experience Comino Island but was told by the locals that it is a haven for anyone interested in water sports with ample room for everyone, whether a professional scuba diver looking for excitement in the depths or a young child learning to use a snorkel.

Heading back into Malta via another ferry ride, my first stop was the Smart City Malta, which brought back memories of Dubai as it a Dubai government initiative. I enjoyed live music on the coast in front of the office blocks and spoke to the locals who have high hopes for this project.

Malta: a dream place

Malta is indeed a Mediterranean dream place to live in or to visit from what I gathered during my tours with Frank Salt and the beautiful sea views, the gorgeous weather and those endless days of sunshine makes me want to go back for more sun, sand and sea adventures.

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