Enhancing Print Management Interview with Pui Chi Li, Head of Marketing for Middle East and Africa

By Shereen Shabnam

We see very few women leaders in technology driven companies so when Xerox appointment Pui Chi Li as the Head of marketing for Middle East and Africa (MEA) last year, we gave her time to settle down before asking her about her new role. Chi, the first woman to hold this position, will oversee Xerox marketing and communications activities, technology product and offering management, strategic pricing, sales enablement and lead generation initiatives across the MEA region.

Chi has been with the company for long as she joined Xerox in 2007 as a product manager for the developing markets region where she oversaw the product life cycle management printers and A4 multifunction devices. A few years later, Chi assumed the role of business line manager for Entry Products, managing high volume business in the MEA and the Central Eastern Europe Distributor Group (CDG) region by working with partners to drive business growth. We find out more. 

  1. What made you join the Xerox brand?

My journey with Xerox started in 2007 I joined Xerox because it is a company with strong core values, vision and leadership that truly values diversity and women empowerment. Last year, Ursula Burns, the chairman and chief executive of Xerox, told the Abu Dhabi Crown Prince’s Court that diversity is the driver of innovation, I am proud to be part of such a strong vision that enables superior business results and continuous growth of Xerox Corporation globally.

  1. How long have you been with the brand and what does your current role entail?

I have been with Xerox for 9 years. My current role entails overseeing all Xerox MEA marketing and communications activities covering brand, PR, web, social media, advertising, internal communications and customer and marketing intelligence. My areas also include technology product and offering management, strategic pricing, sales enablement and lead generation initiatives across the MEA region.

  1. What is the best part of your marketing strategy in the GCC that we should look out for?

Our marketing team has the benefit of being a true representation of integrated marketing, from communications through to product delivery to pricing, enabling us to deliver a comprehensive end to end marketing strategy. The GCC community can expect to see a marketing strategy that is holistic in approach but grounded firmly in tools such as Big Data and Marketo, to generate a quantitative and scientific analysis of results and outcomes from campaigns and activities

  1. What channels are you leveraging most for your marketing campaigns?

We are focusing on our existing channel partners to delivery our marketing strategy. By working closely with our partners, we are able to ensure an agile and adaptive approach that is connected to the markets we serve.

  1. What does Xerox have in store for us the coming year?

Xerox has seen and continues to see significant change to ensure we are well positioned within the market place to serve our customers and add value to their businesses. Going forward we have some exciting announcements to our product offering and further developments as we roll out the Channel Partner Plus program.

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