The Audi A6 – Powerful. Versatile. Expressive.

The new Audi A6 sedan is designed to exude progress and sportiness all over. I drove the car after a few days with the Audi A7 so I did not expect the model to impress me as much but it was a perfect drive with the right amount of power and turn head factor for the Dubai streets during cruise hours.

Externally, the new model has a wider and sportier appearance while the interior is generously designed to offer a family of four ample room and comfort. There are enough storage spaces and practical stowing options to make the journey a relaxing pleasure.

For a discerning premium audience, buying an Audi is a pleasure with all the bespoke options such as the colored leather and the custom paint from the large range of Audi exclusive color makes buyers get a unique vehicle according to personal preferences.

Drive time in new terrains is a breeze in the new A6, which handles better, accelerates faster and comes equipped with MMI Navigation plus, and MMI touch as a standard, offering the latest generation of Audi infotainment.

Having a large 8-inch TFT color display with a wide range of functions integrated in a user-friendly manner is a definite plus. I enjoy cruising the streets with a mix of Fijian, English and Arabic music, which sounded amazing with the impressive sound quality of the Bose surround sound system in the A6.

For die-hard music fans, imagine having your favorite beats played on 14 loudspeakers with a total output of more than 600 watts, evenly distributed in the vehicle with subwoofers and a powerful bass reproduction. My teenager was in heaven during the school runs.

The exterior design is as much fun to design as the interior starting with color choices. Buyers can have the golden hue of a sunset, the red of a fine wine, the green of an emerald ring or any other color imaginable that can be custom ordered.

Just like shoes can change the entire look of a person, I believe the wheels of the car can do the same. For the A6, there are the optional 20-inch forged aluminum wheels in 5-arm star design that gives an impression of power to the look and feel of the sedan.

Finding the perfect sedan with an impressive sense of space combined with a comfort-oriented interior design can be a challenge with all there is in the market today but the A6 is a natural leader with its integrated technologies and sharp design. It is indeed a perfect blend of luxury, technology with responsive and excellent driving dynamics.

For the Middle East audience for whom a car is more than just a drive from A to B, the A6 is a luxury sedan that offers the right amount of power on a daily basis for work with an executive feel and it fits in as a fun car to cruise around in on Beach Road on the weekends.

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