Manzil Healthcare Services brings together stakeholders for a 360 view of digital transformation in healthcare

The gathering included decision makers and innovators in healthcare – insurance companies, regulators, providers, pharma, medical technology companies

Manzil Healthcare Services, one of the leading Home Health and Disease Management companies in the UAE and GCC, held a roundtable discussionin Dubai, bringing together decision makers and innovators from the healthcare sector. The discussion revolved around the topic of taking a 360 view of digital transformation in healthcare.

Moderated by Dr Sarper Tanli, Group CEO of Manzil Healthcare Services, the format for the discussion was casual and interactive. A closed session with only pre-confirmed attendees, which included department and regional heads of local and international companies spanning from large multinational tech company to a local start up.

The event was beneficial to everyone on multiple levels. Some of the questions asked included attendees’ views on digital transformation, and how it is shaping the healthcare industry, trends in the UAE, and which areas are benefitting from it the most.

Attendees also talked about how digital transformation can open opportunities for self-management and empowers patients to get treatment on their own terms, and how this impacts the industry.

From an industry perspective, the stakeholders also spoke about the challenges faced by healthcare providers to provide people secure access to their records, while still maintaining a reasonable return on investment. An important point to consider was to maintain and raise the standards of care an patient experience.

The two-hour discussion concluded with exploring the key drivers and opportunities for digital transformation, and how different industries can work together to foster progress in digital healthcare.

Said Dr Sarper, “As a responsible healthcare provider, it is important for us to stay on top of any trends that affect the way the industry operates. Discussions like this bring stakeholders together in one room to share knowledge and viewpoints, and allow us to work together towards a common goal – creating a better healthcare service for all people of UAE. We hope that this will be the first of many such discussions that will benefit all participants, and the industry as a whole.”

The roundtable discussion will have a summary report and be shared with relevant stakeholders, which will enable more people to implement more suitable solutions in their own companies.

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