Get a Taste of Arabia at Azkadenya

The Arabic restaurant chain launches Taste of Arabia campaign to bring Arabic flavours to diners in the UAE.

When it comes to Arabic food, hummus always takes centrestage. Although the humble dip is popular around the region, did you know that the flavour can be quite different and unique from country to country?

Arabic flavours are quite diverse, and each dish can be as unique as it is delicious. In an effort to bring the authentic flavours of the region to diners in the UAE, Azkadenya has launched its Taste of Arabia campaign.

Over the next few months, the casual dining restaurant chain will be featuring authentic and home-style dishes from one country in the region. From September 16thand all through to the end of November, diners can savour the delicious cuisine of Palestine.

Taste of Palestine will feature a special menu with 11 dishes sourced from Palestinian kitchens. Start your day with the Kofta Warak Enab Fukhara, a traditional dish made from vine leaves stuffed with kofta meat, baked with tomatoes, onions and potato slices, and garnished with parsley. Or bring your friends along for an indulgent lunch of Palestinian Maftoul, which is homemade Palestinian couscous and chickpeas, cooked with chicken onions, mixed with Maftoul spices, and served with tomato sauce and chickpeas.

For a sweet end to a great meal, take your pick from the Warbat Ashta, which is thin layers of pastry dough wrapped around clotted cream Ashta, drizzled with sugar syrup, and garnished with crushed pistachios; or Kunafeh Kazabeh, a homemade version of traditional cheese kunafeh.

“Most outlets offer some kind of fusion or hybrid version of dishes from Arabic countries. With this campaign, it is our attempt to bring authentic, homemade food so that diners can enjoy the original taste and flavours from days past. Food is an important way for one to enjoy and experience the culture of a country, and with the Taste of Arabia campaign, we hope to share the culture of different Arabic countries with our customers,” says Chef Hussam Al Imam.

You can visit Azkadenya from September 16thto enjoy the Taste of Palestine. Over the next few months, they will bring you the Taste of Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan to refresh your palate.



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