Chairman, Bu Abdullah Group of Companies crowned

In a packed Doctoral ceremony event in Dubai, the Chairman of  Bu Abdullah Group of Companies Yaqoub Mousa Mohammed Hussain Almaazmi  was crowned with a Doctorate in Business Administration and his works  in the field of business, humanity and his services towards his nation  UAE were recognised in presence of dignitaries and VIP’s, including  Sheikh Obaid Suhail Bin Butti Al Maktoum and Veteran Indian  Businessman Vasu Shroff. 

Among the recipients of Doctorate (Honoris Causa), Yaqoub Mousa  Mohammed Hussain Almaazmi was the one with distinction. He received  the degree from Dr. Sanjeev Bansal of prestigious Global Triumph  Virtual University (GTVU, India) for his enormous and valuable for the development of United Arab Emirates and his services to the mankind. 

After the Doctoral ceremony, Yaqoub Mousa Mohammed addressed the media  which had gathered to cover the event and said, “ Firstly my gratitude  towards the management and the Vice Chancellor of the India-based  University GTVU which has come all the way to UAE to appreciate my Doctorate degree,” he concluded.

Bu Abdullah Group is a famous business panel which consists of more  than 270 companies, including Bu Abdullah Real Estate, Bu Abdullah  Business Consultancy and legal firm are on top of the list. These 

places are best for business people as they get complete lawful help and business guidance. The chairman of Bu Abdullah Group is the most  popular person amongst Gulf, Pakistan and Indian Business and social organisations. 

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