HUMANSCALE: Arab Health 2020

  1. What did Humanscale showcase at Arab Health this year?

At Arab Health this yearwe showcased our full range of next-generation point-of-care solutions that are designed to advance patient safety. These technologies constitute a vital component of patient care services at several hospitals in the Middle East and Africa who were seeking more automated solutions for their workflow. Among the technologies we demonstrated were the T7 Mobile Technology Carts and MedSync Mobile Technology Carts. We are also launching our ELORA hot swap battery power option for the international market for the first time with 240V/50Hz power supply.

  • Why are these technologies important?

The T7 Mobile Technology Carts are intuitive and easy to use for caregivers. These mobile carts have the ability to address healthcare IT challenges and can centralize all the digital tools of the healthcare environment. The T7 cart’s simple design also makes cleaning easy and promotes a healing environment. The MedSync Mobile Technology Cartsare another innovative medication delivery solution that streamlines complex nursing workflows and complements bedside medication administration for patients to reduce errors and improve outcomes in healthcare environments. The MedSync Mobile Technology Cartsare specifically designed to integrate with BD’s Pyxis™ ES System workflows and the two work synergistically to improve patient safety. We also have our ELORA battery solutionshot swap battery power option. The system facilitates uninterrupted runtimes to improve workflow efficiency through allowing caregivers to switch to a fully charged battery in seconds with just one hand without risking equipment shutdown and loss of valuable data.  

  • How will these technologies benefit patients?

Humanscale Healthcare’s innovative technology solutions improve patient care through improving overall workflow efficiency. The new automated processes provided by these mobile technology carts create a safer medication delivery system for patients, streamlines complex nursing workflows and complements bedside medication administration to reduce errors and improve outcomes in healthcare environments. Patient safetyis greatly improved, especially as the carts automatically assign a medication drawer to a patient, thereby reducing human error. Overall accountability is also strengthened by assuring that these technologies accurately record every event in the medication transportation workflow. This ultimately gives caregivers and industry professionals the confidence needed to focus medical delivery services where it matters most – patient care and safety.

  • Can you please talk more about Humanscale’s growth in the region:

2019 has been a banner year for Humanscale Healthcare and our continued expansion within the Middle East and Africa is an important next phase in our growth. Our solutions are utilised across numerous healthcare facilities in the region. For example, T7 Mobile Technology Carts have been successfully integrated in the Abdali and Al Kindi Hospitals in Jordan. MedSync Mobile Technology Carts have also been adopted in Jordan and Oman for patients and caregivers. Furthermore, Humanscale Healthcare mobile technology solutions have been integrated in clinics and hospitals in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar.

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