Passionately Crafted

Rohit Dhamani, Director of Wholesale & Manufacturing – Dhamani Group of Companies

Dusoul is envisaged as a passionately crafted jewellery brand, born from the desire to develop collections with a more accessible price point whilst ensuring that the key components of the Dhamani group, quality, craftsmanship and design, are retained. Shereen Shabnam meets with Mr. Rohit Dhamani who has been with the Dhamani Group of Companies in 1992.

Mr. Rohit Picture (1)

Tell us a bit about yourself and working within a family business?

I am the second eldest son in the family and work alongside my father Mr. L.N Dhamani and my brothers Amit and Manish Dhamani. I foresee the expansion of the business in the Far East and Australasia regions and the production of fine jewellery and gemstones at the regional head office located in Bangkok, Thailand.

What is the USP of DUSOUL and where are the outlets located?

The Dhamani family saw the opportunity to offer a more affordable jewellery brand that would address an increasing clientele of global customers and millennials looking for affordable luxury. This led to a dialogue with CallisonRTKL, the retail experts and strategists, and eventually, the inception of Dusoul.

The brand is called ‘Dusoul’ as it captures the unique spirit of the city where it is born – in Dubai, U.A.E. Dusoul is currently located in Atlantis on the Palm, Mirdiff City Centre, Mall of the Emirates and Nakheel Mall.

Which countries are you looking to expand to in the future?

Our future plans include rapid expansion in the region, which will extend from Malaysia to Taiwan and Australia through a well-planned growth forecast. I hope to be at the forefront of the wholesale and manufacturing and responsible for all production related activities for fine jewellery and gemstones.

What are your designs based on? Dusoul showcases a unique mix of in-house designed collections, brought to life by the natural elements of sun, sea, sand and the stars. These pieces sit alongside an exciting and exclusive portfolio of renowned international brands. Each of the thoughtfully curated collections reflect a unique style and personality.

How is Dusoul perceived internationally?

Dusoul stocks selected international brands, showcasing their latest collections that have been endorsed by celebrities and socialites from around the world. These include three fine jewelry brands – Palmiero, Casato and Giovanni Ferraris, Brumani, a timeless yet contemporary Brazilian brand, and Moiseikin, a statement brand from Russia.

What are you fascinated by at the moment and how does it feed into your wok? Expo 2020 Dubai fascinates me as it will be a festival of human ingenuity; showcasing what is possible when new ideas and people connect their minds to create the future. With Expo 2020 Dubai in sight, we are looking ahead to an increasingly multicultural and diverse demographic of future customers to experience Dusoul and the spirit of the brand.

What is the biggest lesson that you have learned since you started Dusoul?

The advent of Dusoul is answering the need of a gap in the market where luxury brands and fine jewelry brands dominate. Dusoul sees a place for a truly innovative and more accessible price point that will attract a new breed of connoisseur in the coming months and years – millennials who are looking for quality, craftsmanship and unique design credentials but to whom the allure and magnetic appeal of owning fine jewelry is an important rite of passage. They are also into collections that they can use every day.

What advice would you give to young designers?

Keep customers in mind during jewellery creation and make jewellery part of their lifestyle. Stay committed to giving jewellery enthusiasts quality products and designs.

What makes Dusoul outlets stand out?

The new stores depict a luxurious yet warm and inviting environment that compliments the stunning and sophisticated fine jewellery collection. The customer experience is enhanced by innovative technology, offering unique and state-of-the-art digital display software, allowing real-time interaction between the brand and clients. We have in the past received prestigious accolades for ‘Innovation’ & ‘Best Retail Store Design’.


How do you see Dusoul’s jewellery design evolving in the Middle Eastern region in the near future?

Dusoul encompasses the modern, aspirational, inquisitive nature of the ever-evolving landscape of Dubai. We hope to give Emirati Designers a platform to show their designs and launch their work with us. We hope to stand out with innovative designs and sparkling personality which echo the spirit of the inspirational city in which the brand is created.



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