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Interview – Ali El Amine, the Managing Director of StudioRepublik 

By Shereen Shabnam

StudioRepublik is a vibrant sanctuary where people of all ages and abilities come to express, come to evolve and come to life within a state-of-the-art space that approaches Wellness, Performing Arts and Group Exercise in a way that’s never been seen before.

After experiencing some classes with a few of the finest instructors in an incredible environment where every detail enhances the senses, from acoustics, lighting and equipment, I sit down with Ali El Amine, the Managing Director of StudioRepublik to find out more about him and his latest project.

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Can you tell us a bit about StudioRepublik?

StudioRepublik is a place people come to hang out to get fit, collaborate, re-energize and de-stress. It brings together music, drama, dance, group exercise, and state of the art wellness services as well as delicious bites from our in-house restaurant, ROH.

What are the unique elements about StudioRepublik?

Our three platforms combine performing arts with contemporary sports. The Lab is for Wellness, The Stage for Performing Arts and The Arena for Group Exercise as we intend to make StudioRepublik the first place in the world to provide a synergy of life-enhancing pursuits.

Our highly specialised Lab consultants configure a personalised, holistic wellness program for clients. At the Stage, we bring world-class Music, Drama and Arts instructors, as well as innovative methods and comprehensive programs, to amateurs and pros. At the Arena, we offer a new approach to group exercise. Multiple studios that use state-of-the-art audio-visual effects morph into different worlds with top instructors curating programs around client goals.

Tell us about the new lab?

The Lab is equipped to provide Integrated Wellness services, using advanced technology and outstanding talent to obtain tangible results. The team are the best in the field across diet, rehab/prehab, personal training and massage therapy, all working together to offer a 360-degree approach to wellness.

How has the response been to the theatre, dance and music studios?

At the Stage, we offer Music, Drama and Dance with world-class craftsman and industry leaders working in a fresh educational system that meets industry-standard goals. An exciting addition to the local music scene, StudioRepublik will offer Dubai’s first community recording studio space to grow the talent of tomorrow, as well as re-light the passion of the later-in-life musicians who have had work and life come between their love of music.

The Dance studio offers high-calibre dance instruction to tots, juniors, teens and adults of all levels, from absolute beginner to advanced in all major dance disciplines, led by acclaimed performing arts professionals for recreational or accelerated training.

What does your target market need to know about your classes?

We have group exercises, where people come together in an environment of expertly produced visuals, music and lighting. Senses are stimulated, moods altered and maximize physical attainment achieved. Classes cater to all fitness levels and interests, including

Bootcamp, Aerial, Cycling & GX, Mind & Body classes (Pilates, Yoga and Meditation) as well as enjoy an extensively equipped gym.

What are your greatest challenges so far?

Continually reinventing ourselves means we have to develop programmes that meets the needs of all types of clients. It was a challenge to move into a building from a design perspective but we did it and run the place on our own CRM tailor made to our business needs. We now have 45 new programmes in one institution.

What are your greatest career achievement so far?

Personally, it is gratitude for what I learnt and being grateful for the opportunity.

Also getting investors who believed in the same value system.

What do you enjoy most about your work and leisure time?

I enjoy so many things as there is never a dull moment. I enjoy the programmes and different aspects of the new venue. I love eating, spending time with the family and travelling during leisure time.

What is your goal in business and how do you see the studio evolving in the future?

We hope to be successful and see the centre of StudioRepublik, ROH become a favourite place for people to hang out or just sit back and watch live music that plays on stage throughout the week. ROH serves up the atmosphere, community and delicious fresh food at breakfast, lunch and dinner.

What characteristics do you value most in others and what inspires you?

Perseverance and capability to fail and come back is what I value. I am very lucky to be surrounded by so many people and have Investors who inspired me to strive for the best in our industry.

Is there a quote you try to live your life by?


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