Alister Bredee and “A Cat Has Nine Lives Virtual Detox Program”


The pandemic has made people more aware of health and wellness than before focusing on the need for detox. Hence, we get to know Alister Bredee and his journey towards creating a programme that balances mind, body and spirit.

After a career spanning many years in the Middle-East, Alister Bredee decided to re-train in psychotherapy and hypnotherapy. He graduated in 1984 but quickly found the tools that he had learned were often inadequate. He started a long journey to find more and better ways.

This voyage took him first to homeopathy and then to Applied Kinesiology. In 1988 he enrolled in a Holistic Medicine Programme at Howell College with a campus at London’s Regent’s College and another at Sherborne in Dorset.

The Course involved residency at Sir Anton Jayasuriya;’s “Medicina Alternativa” in Colombo, Sri Lanka. He graduated as a D. HH (U.K.) M.D. (Sri Lanka) as well as a Clinical Nutritionist in 1992. He established a practice in Harley Street and then the prestigious Hale Clinic, again close to Regent’s Park before moving to Dublin.

The book” A Cat Has Nine Lives” emerged in 2016; with the idea of providing an easy to follow “Detoxification Program”. He wrote the book on Koh Samui where he has been working as a Wellness Consultant to several “Detox Resorts” since 2007. He uses the book as the backbone to his own “Detox” program; this is a journey that balances mind, body and spirit.

“A Cat Has Nine Lives” as the title suggests has nine parts. These are nine steps to wellness. As far as the participant is concerned some of these steps are essential and some not. There is a general introduction entitled “The Basics”, which establishes the guidelines. To quote the father of Medicine, Hippocrates, “Leave your drugs in the chemist’s pot if you can cure your patient with food.”

In the past clients would come jetting into Koh Samui. Stay in a comfortable hotel and enjoy a program designed specifically for their needs. This cost money and consumed valuable time. But then along came Sars-2-Covid 19. Thailand closed down as did most of the world and the luxury detox on idyllic Samui was no longer possible.

Alister enthuses, “We had to re-think or sink. The answer was the Cat Has Nine Lives Virtual Detox Program. We designed a program, especially for you to enjoy thanks to the progress in computer-based communications technology. something you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home. This substantially slashed costs There is no need for an expensive airfare or pricey hotel.”

This is a journey that all can afford. Sessions are on line and eating programs come in the form of convenient sachets by way of the Amrita Detox or by carefully designed menus that you can make up yourself.

Alister Bredee trained in the Meridian Energy Therapies under Dr. Tam Llewellyn. He became the Administrator for the Irish Association for Applied Meridian Techniques (IAAMT). He also worked with Today’s Therapist Magazine, where he taught EFT and other Meridian Energy based techniques to therapists in the UK and Ireland.

He introduced his own variant which he called AMBIT (Alister’s Meridian Based Integrative Therapy) which he presented at the first ACEP Conference in Europe and later at the second Conference at Lady Margaret Hall, part of Oxford University. Thus, he is experienced in Meridian Energy work along with Holistic Health and Clinical Nutrition. The Basic 5 Day Detox which includes a free copy of Ä Cat Has Nine Lives” starts from only $33.00 whilst add on components are reasonably priced, too.

Want to know more? We can arrange a cost-free call via What’s App, Line or Zoom. To find the best way of designing a Cat Has Nine Lives Virtual Detox Program especially for you. To schedule your “No Strings” phone call” E-mail or message +66 847814718





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