Malak Al Tawouk introduces Best Value Meal in Ramadan

Malak al Tawouk UAE, the popular Lebanese Street-Food spot, offers a range of Ramadan meals at affordable prices.

Choose from Malak Al Tawouk the popular Iftar Meal with Tawouk Platter, side rice or fries or grilled potato, lentil soup, side Fattoush or Tabboule and Muhalabia and dates only at DHS 40.

You can also try the Ramadan Sandwich Meal that includes a choice of Tawouk or Soujouk or Liver or Kabab sandwich, lentil soup, side salad and Muhalabia at DHS 35>

For couples and friends, Malak Al Tawouk offers a Ramadan Meal for two only at DHS 78. This includes 2 Tawouk Platters with side rice or fries, 2 side salads and 2 desserts.

Visit any of Malak Al Tawouk’s six branches in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Home delivery will be available from 10:30 to 1:00am daily. Orders can be made by calling 600500961 or through

Visit MAT IG page for more details:

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