Get Jongga Kimchi on!

Siew Lin

Jongga, which has the best of Korean food products is now available easily at the Korean Food Pavilion on and has brought to Korean food lovers in the UAE the famous Jongga Kimchi.

Currently Korean food lovers can buy items like Kimbab, TteokBokki and Cheeseball but now Kimchi from Jongga is newly launched on for lovers of the brand.

Kimchi is healthy is known for the prevention of many diseases due to its amazing health properties and Jongga is the most famous and premium Kimchi brand from South Korea providing the most authentic taste of Kimchi suitable for all types of dishes.

I love this small packs see above as you can easily take it to work with you as its one serving. There is a QR code you can scan that sends you a site with ideas of what you can do with the dish. Jongga Kimchi is available on now and get the best price!


Link: Korean Food Pavilion on

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