Innovative Austrian-made Aircraft recovery product to be showcased at Dubai Airport Show 2018

Stranded or damaged aircraft on the runway or defective baggage and container trailers are always a hurdle for the operations of an airport, causing air traffic delays and elevated costs.

Hence “KNOTT” together with their Middle East representatives from “con-act” will introduce and showcase recovery equipment and the robust design of KNOTT Airport baggage and container trailers,specified for Airport ground support equipment (GSE) on stand 4340 at the Dubai Airport Show 2018 from May 7thto 9th2018.

The Airport baggage trailers from KNOTT Slovakia are highly durable and offer a reliable solution for passenger’s baggage transport ensuring efficient and swift airport operations thanks to unique customization options.

In addition, theAirport container trailers from KNOTT Slovakia represent a robust and confident concept for transportation of ULD containers across the airport grounds. They are noted for straightforward and simple operations that guarantee high efficiency of service and customization flexibility for many non-standard requirements.

As experts in airport transportation solutions, con-act with reputed partners also offer innovative and globally unique recovery dollies and recovery equipment to remove defective aircraft as quickly as possible and ensure airport staff are perfectly prepared for emergencies.

The RD100 recovery dolly, made in Austria takes loads of up to 100 tons. In addition, it is not necessary to go over an inclined surface or ramp because the platform of the RD100 can be lowered until it is completely flush with the ground level.

Furthermore, the RD100 allows the damaged aircraft to be transported in any direction while minimising the impact of forces on the aircraft body plus it subjects the tarmac of the runways and taxiways to reduced loads. The aircraft recovery products offer a high degree of functionality and ease of use combined with low service requirement.

The product range comprises recovery dollies with load-bearing capacities from 5,000 to 100,000 kg. Therefore, aircraft from the size of a Cessna to wide-bodied aircraft such as the B747, B787 and A330 to A380 can all be recovered successfully. The RD100 is worldwide the only recovery dolly for the Airbus A350.

The range of supply also includes special trailers for the recovery dollies, fuselage supports with or without off-road trailer for narrow and wide-body aircraft, baggage and container trailers, de-bogging and tethering kits as well as lifting bags.

The RD100 is supplied with paint coating in the customer’s preferred colour and assembly of the RD100 is done at the destination. Thereafter, the operating staff of the airport will be trained and instructed by the developers of this innovative product.

At the Dubai Airport Show, con-act will also offer a new and innovating solution for the transport of temperature-sensitive goods in airfreight developed with their technical experts. Goods can be handled consistently and without interruption of the cold chain in container temperature ranges from -20 ° Celsius to + 29 ° Celsius at the airport.

With COOL HANDLING and the new cooling trailers, a secure cold chain in the airfreight is guaranteed to ensure products arrive at their destination in top quality. Each refrigerated trailer has a volume of 22 cubic meters and can be easily loaded with standard containers, pallets or loose cargo.

The built-in cooling unit can be operated both with diesel and electronically. It thus ensures a safe temperature level during the provision and transport on the apron. This ensures that adherence to the cold chain is guaranteed even in extreme weather conditions at the apron.

For further product information, please contact Robert Lester on r.lester@con-act.ator on +43 69917001331 / +971 50 2479934. Website: www.con-act.ator

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