Design Week with Kohler

By Shereen Shabnam

During the Dubai Design Week, we had the pleasure to meet with Sandeep Singh, Commercial Director of Kohler Kitchen and Bath Middle East.

According to Sandeep, d3 attracts designers and architects curious to know about Kohler products as trendsetters in the industry. “We bring fashion to the bathrooms and provide complete bathroom solutions,” he adds.

Kohlerplayed an active role in the design week to celebrate design and innovation and hosted a series of thought-provoking events hosted by global kitchen and bath leader focus on the future of design and innovation.

The Real Rain by Kohler was one of the highlights at d3.Visitors could experience the gentle buildup of a warm summer rainstorm in the middle of Dubai with Kohler’s Rain Real installation, using a unique design that uses gravity to shape individual water drops to replicate rainfall.

According to Sandeep, the aesthetically beautiful installation reflected technology that simulates rain and achieved through innovation that ensured the droplet sizes are the same as rain.

There were other innovation and design-focused events aimed to attract design enthusiasts at d3 from the UAE and abroad.

The Kohler Chit Chat “Wanderlust” Event offered an afternoon of laid-back chats with some of the Middle East’s most influential architects and designers as they shared how their travel influences design. The event featured 20 slides each shown only for 20 seconds, to challenge the five speakers in presenting their experiences, ideas, and thoughts regarding the topic of ‘Wanderlust’.

The Kohler Design Forum Dubai discussed the possibilities of the cities of tomorrow, the integration of design and technology into our daily lives, the use of smart technology in a people-centric way, and the possibilities of artificial intelligence.

The Kohler WasteLab Workshop focused on ‘Kohler Innovation for Good’ social innovation program that leverages the skills and passion of Kohler associates who want to see change in the world.

Sandeep mentions that globally Kohler outreaches to design schools. “We have an art centre that encourages art students to be creative as they do internships. We are a responsible brand with sustainability at the core. We are water efficient and hope to have zero carbon footprint by 2030.”

Sandeep highlights that the brand has classical and traditional designs as well as modern and contemporary hero products to help propel Kohler’s growth in line with the company’s Vision 2030.

Kohler has showrooms all over the world and today is a dominant international player in the luxury segment supplying design types to suit many cultures, tastes and preferences.

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