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Turkish Airlines gears up for Istanbul’s New Airport opening

By Shereen Shabnam

One of the key highlights for the aviation industry this year is to witness Turkish Airlines take the first flight from Istanbul’s New state of the art Airport on October 31, 2018 with only a 12-hour interference in flight operations.

The new airport will cover an area of 76.5 million square meters allowing Turkish Airlines new HUB to grow about seven times after entering service on October 29, 2018. Currently, Atatürk Airport is built on an area of 11.6 million square meters.

Once the entire construction is completed, the new airport will allow the multi award winning carrier to serve 200 million passengers annually thanks to its architectural structure, numerous connections and technological infrastructure. As the national flag carrier airline of Turkey and the biggest airline stakeholder of Istanbul New Airport, a large part of the terminal will be allocated to the company complete with private areas.

A Star Alliance member Turkish Airlines was established in 1933 with a fleet of five aircrafts and now has a fleet of 326 (passenger and cargo) aircrafts flying to 253 international and 49 domestic destinations in 121 countries.

For Turkish Airlines, ORAT (Operational Readiness and Airport Transfer) is of vital importance in the relocation process, ensuring the move is executed properly. This process covers all the preparations for moving to a new airport.

It includes the stages of ORAT Setup, Preparation Phase, Familiarization and Training, Trial Operation, Transfer of Operations and Post-Opening Support. All elements of the operations are tested using different scenarios precisely: Employees, operation, and infrastructure.

The process is a project model used for the massive move –in procedures to new airports. To be able to offer services seamlessly at Istanbul’s new airport, each personnel in charge has already started to learn the new transfer model with reference to infrastructure, facilities and human resources orientation.

This includes many procedures besides the physical movement of things and for providing continuance in implementing the processes properly. All procedures related to the company are designed to be compatible with the new airport.

The Turkish Airlines team started out in March with the “ORAT Setup” stage, which is the base of the process, followed by the preparation, familiarization and training activities. In the coming months, the airline will conduct trial operations and test new facilities and operations in real time.

Turkish Airlines teams preparation for relocation to Istanbul New Airport is moving at a rapid pace. The relocation plan in which all the stakeholders including the public institutions, the smallest details are considered in the coordination of the State Airports Authority.

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