Man of the High Seas


Salem Bin Ali Al Adidi, UAE’s very own powerboat racing champion with the Victory Team, one of the most successful teams in the history of XCAT racing was born and raised near the seaside where his entire family enjoyed all kinds of water activities and that’s where his love for the deep blue sea started. We met with him to talk about his life, his passion and his vision for powerboat racing.

Salem’s father and his ancestors before him were all men of the sea. It was their way of living and so Salem’s father taught him how to embrace the mysterious waves of the sea rather than fear it.

In 1996, Salem started to watch all kinds of water sports games, and he was especially mesmerised by power boat racing. He was only 10 years old but he knew that someday he will be standing next to the champions who he looked up to and admired.

Being a Powerboat Pilot was Salem’s dream and in 2000, Salem’s racing career started when he enrolled himself in traditional dhow sailing and through passion and hard work, he won numerous races. To this very date, he continues to participate in races and still wins among the top 10 out of 100+ sailing boats.

It was in 2012 when the magic happened, Salem became a member of the outstanding Victory Team “the dream team”. It was and still is an amazing experience for him as every day is a new day with new lessons for him to learn.

In 2013, Salem had his first official powerboat race, the Xcat race, and finished in third place which is not bad at all for a beginner.  This was his first break until he finished in First in the latest Xcat World championship competition in Abu Dhabi.

In between these two competitions, Salem already had his fair share of victories, He competed in Class 1 Race 2013 in China and participated in all the races in the 2014 season when he was crowned the winner of the Speed Cat Race World Championship. He also finished second in the overall championship.

Salem completed all the races in 2015 and won the first heats in Abu Dhabi. In 2017, Salem won his first race in a wooden boat which was also his first race in this class. In 2017, he continued making the sea his second home and finished 5thin the ALGAFFAL Race 60ft Dhow Sailing. He also won first place at the China Grand Prix. Salem also enjoys his races in the USA and enjoys the sport in Florida and in particular, Lake Michigan.

Salem is now more eager, ambitious and determined to reach even further in this field. He tells us that his passion for the sea is as the salt in it “dissolvable” and he hopes to be the best in all he does when out in the ocean.

Salem lives by the Victory Team values which include innovation, teamwork, integrity and leadership. He hopes to help maintain the legacy of Victory Team being the world champions in powerboat racing, and help nurture a new generation of racers for victory team for the future.

When Salem needs a dose of the ocean outside the international competitions, Dhow sailing is a family affair for him which keeps him happy. He is the captain of a dhow with four of his brothers going out to sea with him and they have their own sailing race. Salem comes from a big family of five brothers and six sisters.

Salem studied at the Dubai Police Academy and is now a Lieutenant. He believes that nothing is impossible and we admire the way he balances his career as a policeman with his passion for racing with powerboats and dhows.

On the personal front, Salem is easy going and loves the great support from his wife and daughter to be successful. He loves gaming and while he enjoys beach holidays by the sea, he also loves the vibe in London. His motto is not to put limits on anything he does in life.

As a leading powerboat race team, Victory Team has pinned Dubai’s place in the World map of Powerboat Racing competing in different categories and with passionate powerboat pilots like Salem on their side, we hope they continue winning more international championships.

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